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Erectile dysfunction. Causes and treatment

Nowadays there are a lot of different diseases around the world. In many cases they are familiar to both genders, but some of diseases can be related only to one gender. Such kinds of diseases refer to gynecological disorders. In case of male gynecological problems - it is an erectile dysfunction or also known as impotence. So what is an erectile dysfunction and how to treat it?


Erectile dysfunction is sexual dysfunction which means that you cannot get a proper erection. It is inability to have sexual activity for a man. This is very extensive male problem which requires a special treatment. It can occur occasional times because of different reasons: stress, tiredness or because you have drunk too much alcohol, or it can be a real problem.

First of all, review the possible causes. There are several causes and they all can be referred to two main groups: physical and psychological. Erectile dysfunction can occur because of

  • using drugs such as anti-depressants or nicotine which causes many deadly health conditions
  • also the reason can be hormonal causes for example the lack of testosterone
  • diabetes (but it has not been proven; it is more likely cause problems with blood flow and nervous systems)
  • alcohol
  • stress
  • anxiety or
  • depression

The main answer you would like to receive is - how to treat it. Treatment depends on the cause. Here is a list of main treatments you can get:

  • one of the most common is injection treatment. It will increase blood flow and you will see the result in 15 minutes.
  • urethral medication. Basically this kind of treatment can be achieved by using a small pellet which is placed into the end of the urethra.
  • penile prosthesis. A rod will be insert into the penis and it will keep the penis rigid all the time.

Also changing a lifestyle or treating an underlying cause such as depression, anxiety can be considered as a treatment and it could minimize the risk of developing this disease. Sex therapy as an alternative way is also acceptable.

So, erectile dysfunction is a gynecological disorder and it need to be treated. As you can see there are a lot of causes, but also a lot of ways to treat it. First thing you need to do is to arrange to see a doctor and choose the right treatment for you.

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